Being temporarily guests on our planet earth we feel the responsibility to pay utmost attention to get our production facilities as ‘green’ as we can. Within Air Spiralo® Group we have programs to save on energy consumption, minimize the volume of waste, to divide waste and reuse wherever possible. Our intercompany logistics programs take care of minimal transport and efficiency in truck loading.

During the process of tube forming and pressing some oil/emulzion is needed and cannot be prevented. We were searching green process optimizing and are proud to announce that all our facilities are using bio-degradable vegetable oil instead of mineral oil during tube forming and pressing.
The environmental advantages are impressive; the process of refining vegetable oil instead of mineral oil is much cleaner and requires less energy, vegetable oil is bio-degradable and drilling for oil is no longer required. Furthermore it creates a healthier environment for the employees and by using this bio-degradable oil we comply to REACH!

REACH is the European Community Regulation on chemicals and their safe use (EC 1907/2006). It deals with the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances. The law entered into force on 1 June 2007. The aim of REACH is to improve the protection of human health and the environment through the better and earlier identification of the intrinsic properties of chemical substances. At the same time, REACH aims to enhance innovation and competitiveness of the EU chemicals industry. The benefits of the REACH system will come gradually, as more and more substances are phased into REACH.

We continue to search for green alternatives in the entire Air Spiralo® Group!
Halton by Air Spiralo

Two leading companies in the ventilation industry joined forces: Halton producing indoor climate products and Air Spiralo®, manufacturer of high quality circular ventilation ducts, pressed and handmade fittings as well as components.

Following the successful start-up in Finland the Halton products (dampers, fire & smoke dampers and air-valves) are now available through Air Spiralo® in the Netherlands, Poland and the United Kingdom.

For more information please contact us at or call your local contact. For further details please visit the ‘Who is who’ section on and select your country / language.

Schagen, 28th April 2009 – Kennemer Schagen Industries from Schagen (to which Kennemer Spiralo BV belongs), The Netherlands has been selected as one of the 50 best managed companies of The Netherlands. This is the conclusion based on the Best Managed Companies programme organized by Deloitte in cooperation with Nyenrode Business University, de Chamber of Commerce, employers’ organization VNO-NCW and the magazine Management Team. The competition selects the 50 best managed companies of The Netherlands within big- and medium sized companies.

The annual Deloitte competition has been organized in The Netherlands for the second time. Kennemer Schagen Industries participated for the first time ever and can now use the title Best Managed Companies 2009 for the next 12 months. “Participation in this challenging competition has provided us with a lot of intelligence and has helped our internal organization in many cases to decide based on good discussions and recommendations. Our company excels in quality (products, people, processes, systems etc.) and we have a state-of-the art logistics, both physical distribution as well as the related ICT”, according to Roel de Haan, Managing Director of Kennemer Schagen Industries. In total over 150 companies participated in the competition. “This reward gives us lots of confidence for our future, where we as a company continue to improve to find the best possible result for our valued customers”, according to Maarten Peters, Commercial Director

The Best Managed Companies programme focuses on companies that are not on the stock exchange, employing at least 50 people and annual revenues exceeding 10 Million Euros. The competition is remarkable as it does not only focus on continued growth. The focus includes Strategy, Implementation and Execution including Risk Management, Internal Organization, Marketing & Sales en Human Resource Management.

About Kennemer Schagen Industries:
Kennemer Spiralo BV is the manufacturer of round ventilation ducts, fittings and accessories for the ventilation industry. Out of our factories located in The Netherlands, Finland and Poland we serve customers with a big assortment. Deliveries of hand made fittings as well as pressed fittings are made throughout Europe.

Information for the press:
Michiel de Haan, tel.: +31 (0)224 – 296 041, e-mail

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