CSR certification Air Spiralo®

Air Spiralo® is committed to durable entrepreneurship. We aim to achieve our business objectives in a caring and responsible manner recognising the economic, social and environmental impacts of our activities.

Through sound management, Air Spiralo® aims to contribute to society and reduce the pressure on the environment as much as possible. Our commitment to sustainable development is embedded into our business agenda along with our quest for smarter, safer, cleaner and more efficient ways of working. Our product assortment is focused on our customers and the long term business partnerships we stand for. In this respect we are constantly evaluating our strategic options, our customers We recognise that our business and livelihood depends upon our customers. Every employee is responsible for ensuring that customer contact is professional and appropriate. We aim to ensure that our customers receive the level of service and quality of product they have come to expect from Air Spiralo®. The most substantial contribution to easing the burden on the environment is made by our core products: the application of Air Spiralo® ventilation products in domestic housing, commercial buildings and industrial buildings contributes to improving efficiency and reducing emissions.

Through innovation we offer new solutions in the ventilation industry:
    • improved air tightness, saving energy
    • circular and rectangular silencers with unmatched sound attenuation
    • environmentally friendly production facilities

Business sustainability, our strategy, is written down in our corporate values:
    • ‘We act like we talk and we talk like we act’
    • Support our customers with superior quality, value and service
    • Act with creativity, with focus on customers to develop value added services
    • Value and develop our employees’ diverse talents, encouraging initiative and leadership
    • Respect our social and physical environment
    • Act with uncompromising honesty and integrity in everything we do

Air Spiralo® is certified by the Stichting Keurmerk Branches in accordance to environmental management standards laid down in the Metaalunie MVO -monitor (basis ISO 26000) (Download here the certificate) . This makes Air Spiralo® a leading manufacturer in the ventilation industry. Sustainability and efficiency go hand in hand: conscious application of energy and use of durable materials, contribute to sustainable building: that is the added value of Air Spiralo®.

Air Spiralo® believes in good and safe working conditions. We encourage development and provide equal opportunities to all existing and prospective employees recognising that our reputation is dependant on the quality, effectiveness, and skill base of our employees.

Targeted employee information facilitates responsible action at all levels. At the same time, we obtain valuable suggestions for further improvements. In this way our employees are a vital link in our sustainability chain.

Together with our partners, suppliers, customers and employees Air Spiralo® stands at the forefront of sustainable ventilation.