Air Spiralo® international from 1840

1840 Foundation of H.W. Hensel Koperslagerij (‘Coppersmith's) in Hoogezand. H.W. Hensel is married to a de Haan.
1920 H. de Haan (nephew of H.W. Hensel) takes over the Koperslagerij (‘Coppersmith's).
1938 The brothers Roelf and Max de Haan (sons of H. de Haan) take over the Koperslagerij (‘Coppersmith's) from H. de Haan.
The company is already specialized in central heating and ventilation.
Later on the name was changed into Gebr. De Haan BV.
1975 Sales of Gebr. De Haan company.
1992 Family De Haan (Roelf’s son with his sons) takes over Kennemer Schagen and introduces the brand name ‘Kennemer Spiralo®’.

1893 Foundation of ‘Machinebedrijf Kennemer’ at Beverwijk.
1962 Start of production of Spiralo® ducts and fittings (bends, T-pieces, reducers etc.) and standardized ventilation channels.
1988 The company continues under the name of Kennemer Schagen BV.

1993 Foundation of Kentel Polska Sp. z o.o. (located in Poznan, Poland), production expansion in Poland.
2005 Introduction of the brand name Air Spiralo® and the slogan ‘Together even stronger’ for the European market.
2008 Expansion of international production capacity by taking-over Finnish family company and manufacturer of pressed fittings.
2010 International operation, Air Spiralo® Group with four subsidiaries in Europe.
2013 Introduction of the brand KEN-LOK®: circular ducts with a rubber profile in the folded seam of the duct and fittings with a double lip rubber seal at each side of the fitting. The Plug & Play concept together with the high air tightness bring about high recognition in the international ventilation industry.
2015 With the fourth generation (the brothers Roel and Michiel de Haan) in charge the international Air Spiralo® Group is a leading manufacturer in the international ventilation industry. The market developments are the motive behind product our assortment with ease of installation, durability and a clean inside climate as spearheads.