Brand Air Spiralo®

Distinguishing in quality and service

The brand Air Spiralo® covers a wide range of high quality circular ducts, handmade and pressed fittings as well as components for application in the domestic, commercial and industrial industry. Our quality products create a comfortable living and working environment. Air Spiralo® also closely manages the distribution of the products.

Air Spiralo® quality

Quality standards and norms
Air Spiralo® products comply to the air tightness – class C and D in accordance with NEN-EN 1507 and 12237 as well as M1 Cleanliness classification of air handling components, DW-144 standard, Luka-standard and SITAC-standard.

The Air Spiralo® production facilities have been examined by VTT Expert Services Ltd. and the circular ducts and fittings have passed all tests according the certification criteria ‘VTT SERT R022-04;ductwork for ventilation systems’. The Air Spiralo® circular ducts and fittings equipped with KEN-LOK® meet the certification criteria of air-tightness class D both with under-and overpressure.

Ease of installation:
Ease of installation through the 'Soft-Edge'-technology distinguishes the Air Spiralo® products.

As a result of the C and D classification, the high air tightness of the Air Spiralo® products contribute to a more energy efficient system.

Environmentally friendly:
Integration of environmentally friendly methods is a high priority within our production process.

Air Spiralo® Service

Air Spiralo® is internationally known for performing to agreed delivery times. We act like we talk and we talk like we act, and we achieve an average delivery reliability of 99,5%. This unique percentage is a result of our high service degree and advanced ICT-solutions.

Air Spiralo® Service level:
    • Short delivery times with a minimum of handling and administration for our customers
    • Support on stock management planning for our customers
    • Uniform box quantities and uniform labeling
    • Clear packing list & transport instructions

Air Spiralo® ICT-solutions:
Air Spiralo® is R&D-partner for ERP-software and is keen to always apply the most recent ICT-applications in the field of logistics and administration. For all logistics handling we offer a digital solution to make things easier for our customer.

    • Ordering through the customer portal
    • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
    • XML communication
    • Deep link (article classification gives you access to the technical details of our products)