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FETA The Federation of Environmental Trade Associations (FETA) is the recognised UK body which represents the interests of manufacturers, suppliers, installers and contractors within the heat pump, controls, ventilating, refrigeration & air conditioning industry. It is split into six principle Associations ADCAS - BCIA - BFCMA, BRA, HEVAC and HPA. Click here to get more information about FETA


ADCAS Association of 
Ductwork Contractors & Allied 
Services ADCAS is dedicated to ductwork contractors, allied suppliers, and manufacturers of equipment for ventilation and air conditioning systems. ADCAS offers associate membership to these businesses so that a mutual benefit can be achieved by working together for the advancement and development of airside products in an informed contracting environment. Click here to get more information about ADCAS

Air Spiralo® NL is member of:


Metaalunie The ‘Metaalunie’ is with about 11,000 members the largest organization for entrepreneurs in the metal sector. The ‘Metaalunie’ focuses its activities on small and medium sized companies in all branches of the common metal sector, including trade and service. These companies employ around 135,000 people and generate a turnover of 13 billion Euros. Click here to get more information about the ‘Metaalunie’


Luka logo Luka is the Dutch Association of ventilation duct manufacturers. Luka has been active for 25 years and represents about 80% of the Dutch manufacturers of ventilation ducts. The main target of Luka is the improvement of quality in the field of manufacturing, assembly and installation of ventilation ducts in the broadest sense. Click here to get more information about the Luka


VLA Vereniging 
Leveranciers Luchttechnische Apparaten The VLA is an industry organization which stands for ‘Association of factories of Aerodynamic Equipment’. The VLA working area is air technology. The members of the ‘Dutch Air Specialists’ strive to achieve an optimal air quality in any living and working environment inside buildings. Click here to get more information about the VLA

ETIM International

ETIM International The main goal of ETIM International is to encourage and facilitate the uniform electronic communication within the installation branche. Stichting ETIM administers, develops and promotes the ETIM classification model. Click here to get more information about ETIM International.

Air Spiralo® FI is member of:


Suomen teknologia teollisuus The mission of the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries is to ensure that the Finnish technology industry has the preconditions for success in the global marketplace. Click here to get more information about the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries

Air Spiralo® PL is member of:


Polish Ventilation Association The Polish Ventilation Association is an organisation of persons related to the ventilation industry. It was established in Warszawa on 27.09.2001. It is registered in the National Court Register. Among founders, there are representatives of polytechnic schools, scientific institutes, engineers and entrepreneurs.
Our objective is to develop and promote initiatives, attitudes and activities encouraging development of the ventilation industry. Click here to get more information about the Polish Ventilation Association

Air Spiralo® Group is member of:


VNO The Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (known as VNO-NCW) is the largest employers’ organisation in the Netherlands. VNO-NCW represents the common interests of Dutch business, both at home and abroad and provides a variety of services for its members. Click here to get more information about the VNO-NCW

The Lighthouse Club Nederland

Lighthouse Club The Lighthouse Club Nederland (LHC) is a national association of professionals with a management position in or a functional involvement with the Dutch building industry. The LHC is the meeting place for all disciplines within the building industry. Click here to get more information about the Lighthouse Club Nederland

FB Ned

FB Ned FB Ned (the Dutch Association of Family Businesses) is the inspiring network for family owned companies and enterprising families as well as the representative for family businesses. The members (family owned companies only) gather on a regular basis to exchange experiences. FB Ned is member of the following international organizations: the Family Business Network (FBN – an international organization with more than 3.200 members from 50 countries) and the European Family Businesses which is the representative on European level. Click here to get more information about the FB Ned

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KENNEMER SPECIAL PRODUCTS - Expert in light construction work

Kennemer Special 
Products As a result of our close co-operation with Kennemer Special Products we are able to produce in series composed sheet metal products and light construction work. Examples of such products are e.g. aluminum and steel frames and stainless steel (water)tanks. Click here to get more information about KENNEMER SPECIAL PRODUCTS