The Air Spiralo® circular ducts and fittings equipped with KEN-LOK® meet the international certification criteria of air-tightness class D both with under-and overpressure as well as leakage, strength and dimensions. In addition our circular and rectangular silencers have the classification mark cleanliness M1. All our products are repeatedly subject to certification criteria set by TÜV Rheinland Nederland, TÜV Rheinland Polska Sp. z o.o, VTT Expert Services Ltd. and The Building Information Foundation RTS.

The Air Spiralo® certifications in brief:


  • TÜV Rheinland Nederland: circular ducts and fittings
    Criteria: Certificate product label 2019 (Air tightness Class D): production, mounting and air tightness in accordance with the Luka-norms.
    Download certificate


  • VTT Expert Services Ltd. - circular ducts and fittings
    Criteria: VTT SERT R022-04; ductwork for ventilation systems:
    Download certificate

  • Building Information Foundation RTS – M1 cleanliness class for air-handling components - circular silencer CSRP and rectangular silencers RSR and RSD.
    Criteria: Classification of Indoor Climate 2008 and the Cleanliness Classification of Air-handling Products, General Instructions.
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  • Poland:
  • TÜV Rheinland Polska Sp. z o.o.: circular ducts and fittings
    Criteria: PN-EN 1506:2007 – Ventilation for buildings – sheet metal air ducts and fittings with circular cross-section – dimensions and PN-EN 12237.2005 – Ventilation for buildings – ductwork – strength and leakage of circular sheet metal ducts
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The entire Air Spiralo® ventilation products assortment is now available in the first complete ventilation library on

With over 7,000 different items, Air Spiralo®, producer of circular and rectangular ventilation ducts, has quite an extensive PIM system. Converting these products into uniform and workable BIM content was a major challenge for Air Spiralo®’s BIM specialist Rick van Ammers. He spoke about it during the sub-session at the Stabicad User Meeting held on 15 November 2016.

Together with MEPcontent, we have succeeded in converting the wide range of ventilation ducts and fittings into a BIM ventilation library: we instantly convert product data from our own PIM system into correct, workable BIM content for engineers using MEPcontent web services.

Uniform and current data

“Reliable product data is essential to the success of our organisation. All business processes, from finance to production to marketing, have a role in building the product data,” says Rick van Ammers, “therefore the PIM database is the heart of our organisation.” Within Air Spiralo® there is a special PIM team with a dedicated PIM manager to manage the PIM database. Through this, data management takes place in one location and in a uniform way, and there is a direct link to the production process.

With the growing market demand for reliable BIM content, it is a logical step to provide engineers with current product data directly from the Air Spiralo® PIM system. Van Ammers: “Our database is structured according to the ETIM standard and the NEN standard. Because of this uniform structure, we can synchronise our product data with other data sources such as our ERP systems, price list and website, as well as external sources such as MEPcontent”

Web services for up-to-date content

In cooperation with the MEPcontent team, Air Spiralo® has developed a tool that automatically fills the MEPcontent PLS data fields with the appropriate data fields from the Air Spiralo® PIM system. Due to the mapping of the fields, it is possible to also instantly convert changed product data into the BIM content library. Coert de Jong, MEPcontent Product Manager, showed during the session how the synchronisation is technically realised. “With the MEPcontent web services the Air Spiralo® PIM data is automatically converted into workable BIM content for installers,” says Coert. “The content conforms to the EMCS (European MEPcontent Standard). We thereby offer users content that is provided with the correct parameters. These are not only technical specifications but also trade data such as GTIN and deep links to product pages on the Air Spiralo® website.”

It matches and it fits

With the Air Spiralo® library on, it is possible to design and install ventilation systems much more efficiently. “Since the data is always up to date, the lengths and connections are reliable. This offers many benefits to users; orders can now be placed directly from the BIM model. This lets installers know that the ventilation systems they design are correct and will fit on the construction site,” says Van Ammers. “By having the PIM data in order at the start of the construction process, the margin of error at the end of the construction process on site will be smaller. Eventually this saves so much time and money,” Rick van Ammers concludes.

Air Spiralo®

Air Spiralo® has been producing metal circular and rectangular-collapsing ventilation ducts for ventilation systems in homes, healthcare facilities, offices, factories and ships for more than fifty years. Air Spiralo® is an international family business with employees and offices in the Netherlands (Schagen), England, Finland and Poland.

What adds to the success of a BIM project? Wat are the requirements? Air Spiralo® together with Stabiplan BV will answer these questions on 15 November during the SUM2016 (Stabicad User Meeting), taking place in the Van Nelle factory in Rotterdam. This is the day where consultants, installers and manufacturers meet and where everything revolves around the theme: 'We are BIM LIVE’. Air Spiralo® and Stabiplan will show how the first complete ventilation library and BIM lead to a more effective design and realization of MEP-projects.

From MEP-modelling to direct order at the wholesale. In a sub session Air Spiralo® and Stabiplan will show the MEP-engineer in practice how easy it is to work with the extensive and complete Air Spiralo® ventilation product assortment: from MEP-model to direct order at the wholesale. It matches and it fits!

We will also explain how data can be made available for the engineer in a quick and easy way.

During the day Air Spiralo® will be present at the central exhibition court. We will be happy to answer your questions about ventilation or the application of our ventilation products.

SUM 2016 - The event for MEP-engineers

The SUM is organized by Stabiplan and is dedicated to sharing real application stories, recent market developments and future expectations. At 10.00 AM the plenary program starts during which the entire BIM workflow, as well as the role of the engineer, consultant and manufacturer will be discussed. In the sub sessions various subjects will be discussed by using cutting-edge BIM projects and live demos of the StabiCAD software.



November 15, 2016


09.00: Start
10.00: Plenary session
12.00: Lunch
13.30: Sub sessions
16.30: Drinks


Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam


You can sign up for the SUM on
Please note that there are only a limited number of tickets available.

Now available on the website: Air Spiralo® Dampers Products brochure

Download brochure

Air Spiralo® anticipates on future LUKA-regulation on air tightness class C (2014) by expanding the Air Spiralo® KEN-LOK product program.

Convince yourself of the advantages of the Air Spiralo® KEN-LOK product program and download the following videos:

The brand KEN-LOK

Mounting instruction KEN-LOK ducts and fittings

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