Air Spiralo® CSR-certified

The independent Stichting Keurmerk Branches performed an external audit and concluded that Air Spiralo® meets the Certificate –level requirements of the Metaalunie MVO-monitor (basis ISO 26000).

Air Spiralo® is certified by the Stichting Keurmerk Branches in accordance to environmental management standards laid down in the Metaalunie MVO-monitor (basis ISO 26000):
    • Environment
    • Human rights
    • Occupational safety and health
    • Fair trade and enterprise
    • Social involvement
    • Consumer interests

(Download here the certificate KMU110919, 25 January 2013).

This makes Air Spiralo® a leading manufacturer in the ventilation industry. Sustainability and efficiency go hand in hand: conscious application of energy and use of durable materials, contribute to sustainable building: that is the added value of Air Spiralo®. Together with our partners, suppliers, customers and employees Air Spiralo® stands at the forefront of sustainable ventilation.

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