UK - Shard Building - Office building - London

Short description: Tallest building (310 m.) in the EU, 72 habitable floors including hotel, restaurant and offices
Products: Ventilation ducts and fittings, balancing dampers, sound silencers
Year of installation: 2011 – 2012

UK - The All England Lawn Tennis Club “Wimbledon” - London

Short description: The All England Club is a private members club. It’s best known for the Grand Slam tennis event on grass.
Products: Pressed and fabricated fittings which have been installed in the Center Court
Year of installation: 2007

UK - Emirates stadium - Soccer stadium of Arsenal - London

Short description: It is the current home of Arsenal Football Club. It is the third largest football stadium in England.
Products: Pressed and fabricated fittings installed in the kitchen and main building
Year of installation: 2005

UK - Gherkin Building -Office building – City centre London

Short description: It is one of the most eye-catching buildings in London and situated in the former site of The Baltic Exchange.
Products: Pressed and fabricated fittings
Year of installation: 2005

FI - Sipoo Logistic Center

Short description: Retail ware central logistics center, used by Inex Partners Oy serving the total S-Group in Finland
Products: circular ducts and fittings
Year of installation: 2009-2012
Application: Warehouse / Hall