ICT solutions

Beside all regular order methods Air Spiralo® offers the following possibilities for quick and accurate delivery.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI is a standard for electronic exchange of documents such as orders, delivery notes, invoices, messages and confirmations. Read more...

XML Communication

XML Communication is a standard to reproduce structured data into flat text, which is machine readable as well as readable for the human being. With the XML-format you can easily exchange data from your database with Air Spiralo® and send via internet. Read more...


Our SMART-OQT is a standard Microsoft solution in which Air Spiralo® has made a macro in Excel through which ordering becomes much easier. Read more...

Customer portal

Through the Air Spiralo® customer portal our customers are able to order products online.

If you already use an alternative ICT communication method to the ones listed above, we would be happy to discuss a customized solution with you.

Deep link

Deep link is a hyperlink on a webpage to a specific page on another website, instead of linking to the homepage of this website. Through an Air Spiralo® deep link you are able to refer to our product database without leaving the website on which the deep link is made.

We are happy to discuss the possibilities of a deep link on your website if you wish. Read more...