ETIM article classification

Air Spiralo® is member of ETIM (European Technical Information Model). More than 3000 Air Spiralo® products are classified in accordance with the ETIM classification of technical products.

Without article classification it is almost impossible to exchange product information electronically in a uniform way between companies within the installation branch.

The article classification includes the following elements:
    • Article groups
    • Article classes
    • Synonyms
    • Features
    • Limiting values
    • Units

For the classification the UBIM coding is used, which is a broadly accepted code system within the branch. In the article classification the products become a description in terms of ‘features’. A feature describes the properties of a product. These features together result in the classified product database. This way of recording is specified in the ETIM branch standard. This standard will be updated and distributed by ETIM and is widespread under manufacturers, whole salers and installers.

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The detailed article classification is described at each product under Product/Product assortment.