Air Spiralo® product quality – Nice to know

The Air Spiralo® circular ducts and fittings equipped with KEN-LOK® meet the international certification criteria of air-tightness class D both with under-and overpressure as well as leakage, strength and dimensions. In addition our circular and rectangular silencers have the classification mark cleanliness M1. All our products are repeatedly subject to certification criteria set by TÜV Rheinland Nederland, TÜV Rheinland Polska Sp. z o.o, VTT Expert Services Ltd. and The Building Information Foundation RTS.

The Air Spiralo® certifications in brief:


  • TÜV Rheinland Nederland: circular ducts and fittings
    Criteria: Certificate product label 2017 (Air tightness Class D): production, mounting and air tightness in accordance with the Luka-norms.
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  • VTT Expert Services Ltd. - circular ducts and fittings
    Criteria: VTT SERT R022-04; ductwork for ventilation systems:
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  • Building Information Foundation RTS – M1 cleanliness class for air-handling components - circular silencer CSRP and rectangular silencers RSR and RSD. Criteria: Classification of Indoor Climate 2008 and the Cleanliness Classification of Air-handling Products, General Instructions.
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  • Poland:
  • TÜV Rheinland Polska Sp. z o.o.: circular ducts and fittings
    Criteria: PN-EN 1506:2007 – Ventilation for buildings – sheet metal air ducts and fittings with circular cross-section – dimensions and PN-EN 12237.2005 – Ventilation for buildings – ductwork – strength and leakage of circular sheet metal ducts
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