The Air Spiralo® B2B customer portal

The Air Spiralo® B2B customer portal allows you to place orders with ease, view more detailed product information, and view the order status of orders placed both via the web shop and directly with Air Spiralo®.

In order to gain access to the B2B customer portal, you need an Air Spiralo® B2B customer portal account.

If you do not have an Air Spiralo® B2B customer portal account it is possible to request one by using the contact form found on the website, or by contacting the Customer Service Team. The contact form can be found on the “Contact” page.

Make sure the option “Request account” has been selected as “Subject” to ensure quick communication. Then fill in your company details and the accompanying message.


When all fields have been filled in correctly, please click the “Send contact form” button, this will send the form to the Air Spiralo® Customer Service Team who will contact you once the form is received.


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